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I’m looking for a self-employed carer/PA to help my disabled mother. Is there a list of registered people?

Barry Price
Answered by Barry Price

The simple answer is no.

A number of websites operate as introducers but as yet there is not a central registered list unlike companies providing personal care who are registered with the CQC.

There are a number of factors on this that I need to raise with you.

Firstly, what is the driver to go private instead of working with one of your local homecare agencies who specialise in this type of support? These companies will be able to work with you to give you a core team in order to meet your requirements. In my experience when some people go down the private route, they can find themselves with a host of employment issues, what do you do when people are sick or are on holiday and supplying stock etc. can lead to a significant distraction from enjoying the time with your loved one. You suddenly become an employer in a flash. Taking up references and employment checks such as right to work and DBS checks. It can be a minefield but if you get it right and have the time then go for it.

The benefits of home care agencies and live-in carers services are that all of the employment checks and due diligence that you will need to do as part of your process will be done and managed for you possibly reducing any delay in starting to receive support.

On the other hand, I have also seen the benefits of finding the right person to work with you and your loved one that has formed some stunning examples of person-centred support.

I have known people take up private carers by advertising in the local papers and free magazines, Facebook pages, putting a card in a local shop window (this enables someone with local knowledge to be recruited).

So, there are Pros and Cons for both options, and I would suggest that you do a list as part of your search alongside a task and needs analysis in order to assist you finding the right candidate first time.

There are a host of different organisations that assist you with your search such as:

Whatever route you decide to choose I would strongly suggest contacting some helpful organisations as above who provide information and support as you are not alone in the process and having a hand to hold can be invaluable

My last bit of advice is that if you do go ahead and recruit a private or self-employed carer is to make sure you have a back-up plan. Use the resources of and Dementia friends to assist with working out what is best for your loved one and you.

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