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I am the registered manager of a care home with a fantastic team. Am I legally required to do NVQ/QCF 5? I have level 3 and have worked my way up over 17 years.

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Dear J,


Thank you for your question.


As with all things in Adult Social Care the answer to your question is neither yes or no but maybe!


If you are the Registered Manager of the care home, then as well as the level 3 qualification you also have a great deal of relevant experience.


I do not believe therefore that you will be required to complete the level 5 qualification unless you want to. You will however be expected to continue to update your skills whether mandatory or vocational. It is essential that you keep yourself up to date with latest developments.


If you were applying to be registered for the first time, depending on your qualifications and experience CQC might attach a condition to your registration requiring you to achieve a relevant qualification within a specified time scale.


I hope this is helpful.




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