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Dear Sheila,
We have registration from Ofsted to be a residential family assessment centre. Should we wish to become a residential dementia care home, how long a process could we be looking at to get CQC registered?
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Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Dear K,


Thank you for your question.


The Care Quality Commission have useful and definitive information on their website about a new registration and the length of time that registration takes. (


The web page says that once you have submitted the application form and it has been validated by CQC it should take 10 weeks for the decision to be made (see below from the CQC website).


“The Registration Team


Once validated, applications are sent to the registration team for assessment. How long it takes us to assess and determine your application will depend on a range of factors such as:

  • How well prepared and ready you are
  • Your availability or that of your nominated individual and manager (if you have them) to attend interviews and to facilitate the site visit
  • How quickly you respond to requests from the registration inspector for further information to support your application

If you are well prepared, your service is ready and there are no delays, it should take ten weeks from the date we validate your application to when we serve a notice of decision (NoD) which sets out our decision about your registration.”


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