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I am a learning partner for adult asc disorders, though often short staffed, should any staff member be left alone with three 1-1 service users for over half an hour?  I felt that the service user’s were vulnerable as well as myself? As if any service user chose to leave the room is it not myself that would be held responsible.

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Thank you for your question.

You raise a very important point.

It is clear I think, that if you are the only trainer in a room with three vulnerable service users then you are responsible for their well-being at that time.

If you feel vulnerable then you must raise this with your line manager. If the three service users have been assessed as needing 1 : 1 care then clearly there are some serious risks in the situation as you describe it.

Have you discussed this with other colleagues?

You must I think raise your concerns with your line manager or the Registered Manager.

If you cannot resolve this I would be happy to have a private conversation with you because you must be able to protect yourself.

Best wishes.


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