My service user now requires pureed food as she is having difficulty swallowing, she is not eating, can you advise on how I can help her. I work in a care home? | QCS

Hi Senga, one of my service users now requires pureed food as she is having difficulty swallowing. It is not very attractive and she is not eating, I am worried. Can you advise me on how I can help her?


Senga Currie
Answered by Senga Currie


Hi M,


Yes of course, this happens sometimes after a stroke or other illness which can affect the swallowing reflex.


Instead of the food going into the stomach it can go into the lung with a risk of developing pneumonia. A specialist will have assessed your service user and arrived at a diagnosis of which texture-modified diet is a safer option for her.


Food should still look attractive by presenting it with thought to colour and using moulds or presenting in quenelle (a shell shape).


This can make the food look more appealing. Please speak to your manager with your concerns and ask if the meal can be made more attractive. If you want more information you can also have a look at this website which ahs some great information and resources.


I do hope your service user’s appetite improves.




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