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Dear Sheila,

First, I want to thank you for the expertise knowledge, understanding and advice you share on the QCS website.

I have just successfully completed my level 5 Leadership and Management in Care with Access Skills. I am thinking of setting up an an Advocacy and Support service for caregivers, i.e. helping and working with caregivers to promote their rights, responsibilities. I’d also like to help improve their personal and individual development plans, working with care providers and individuals. Is this is a needed service?


This is my passion and I will appreciate your advice.

Once again thanks for your assistance.

Kind regards

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Dear Emeka,


Advocacy is normally provided to care users and not care staff.


If that is what you wished to provide then I think you should speak to your local authority to see if this is a service that is required or if they already have appropriate arrangements in place.


There is a requirement in the Mental Capacity Act to appoint Independent Mental Capacity Advocates in certain circumstances. There is plenty of information about this on the internet.


If you are speaking about an Advocacy and support service for Caregivers then I think you are talking about training.


Please come back to me and tell me exactly what it is you want to do and I will reply again.


Best wishes.



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