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Hello Sheila,

I used to manage a residential home and was scrutinised to ensure my good character, which is understandable. Fortunately the gentleman who owned the home I managed was of very good character and although he was a business man he was determined that he would never make money from someone else’s misery, he always made sure there was sufficient funds for excellent food, activities, staff training and other essentials as well as extras.

How does the CQC ensure that owners are providing the managers with the necessary funding to deliver the expected level of service.

Regards, Donna

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Dear Donna,

Adult Social Care is a regulated service. The regulator is the Care Quality Commission. Presumably the service that you managed was regulated too.

There are intense processes to be gone through before the Service and the Registered Manager are registered by CQC. I struggle to understand why a Registered Manager would stay in post if there was not enough money provided to buy food and other essential supplies.

Finally you can read on the CQC website how the Key Lines of Enquiry undertaken by CQC at their unannounced inspections of care homes.


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