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I’m thinking of pressure sores and patients who have been discharged from a hospital admission back to a care home. Is there a point in time that the hospital is no longer liable? For example, damage may occur in hospital but not show itself for a day or so following discharge?

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Dear Tracey,

I think that it is extremely difficult for care homes when they are trying to manage something that did not develop in the care home but for which later their care standards may be questioned.

It is essential that on admission or readmission a body plan should be completed in detail, dated and signed identifying any pressure sores or red areas.

Any concerns should be reported to the GP at the earliest opportunity.

Any redness on admission that leads to a pressure sore later should be recorded again at the earliest opportunity and reported to the GP.

I know that some care homes photograph any areas of concern.

I believe that you are right to be concerned because over the years I have seen a few care homes blamed for care failures delivered before the service user was admitted or readmitted to the care home.

The proper recording of all the information is therefore essential and this must be recorded at the time and not later.

Best wishes.


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