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I would like to ask a question, can a carer refuse to provide services to a customer because a customer has a cat or a dog in their property? Thank you.

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott


Dear Susannah,


Thank you for your question.


Pets play a very important part in the lives of many elderly and frail individuals. For many older people a pet may well be the only company that person has apart from their carer during the course of a day.


If you have a problem with a particular pet, or if there is a very good reason why you cannot work with animals for instance an allergy or if the pet bites for instance then this is a matter that you should discuss with your manager.


It should not be a case of refusing, it should be a case of discussing any concerns that you have with your manager and finding an appropriate solution.


You should look at your contract of employment and I think that your Manager should also look at any contract that there is with the local Council.


It certainly would not be reasonable to expect you to work in a home if there was an unrestrained dangerous dog allowed to wander freely.


In a case that I was involved with before it was agreed that the pet should be kept in a separate room while the visit took place.


Best wishes.




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