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I don’t understand the difference between a Registered Provider and Registered Manager. Can you explain?

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott


Dear Mandy,


I asked Abi Spence our Registration and Inspection Specialist to assist me with this and this is her response


“I think that this question may have been asked for two reasons:


In a fit person interview, the Inspector will want to know that the Registered Manager understands the role difference between themselves and the provider. The difference is the Registered Manager is responsible for the management of the regulated activity, Whilst the provider is responsible for the carrying on of the regulated activity. For example, if the Manager finds something wrong with the building, and tells the provider that it needs rectifying, and the provider does not act on it (and the Manager makes sure there is an audit trail) the provider is responsible as they provide the physical building- the things that ensure the service can carry on. The Manager manages. 


If the Manager does not understand who is responsible for what and the other way around, CQC would raise an eyebrow as they cannot be assured the smooth and compliant running of the service.


  1. Not all providers require a registered manager. Individuals (legal entity) who are running the service day to day.
  2. If an individual has set up with a legal entity such as an organisation, for example, they will need a Registered Manager. This will be due to the way they have set up their business.”


There is a helpful page on the CQC website entitled “What is Registration?”


I think that if you read all of this it will further clarify issues for you.


I do hope this is helpful


Best wishes.




General info on what is an RM and an RP are found here


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