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I want to start a secure transport company, to transfer patients with mental health illness and learning difficulties from one hospital to another. Some of the patients are detained under the Mental Health Act.

Do I need to register with CQC?

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Thank you for your question. To be able to help you further you would need to give just a bit more information. The question is, is the transport’s purpose to take individuals to and from planned treatment?

CQC have a page of information relating to Transport which you can read here which echoes the information in the Scope of Registration.

Here is the link to the scope of Registration and we hope you find this useful too.

The regulated activity would be Transport services, triage and medical advice.

Provided remotely (Page 48-50) the regulated activity will normally cover routine, planned patient transport related to treatment. On page 50 you will see a decision tree which will help you determine whether you need to register.

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