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Hi Sheila,

Could you tell me if I wanted to start a domiciliary care business , what are the requirements and do I need to provide a bond before starting business?
Also how much information can CQC provide about an existing domiciliary company registered with CQC?

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Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Dear Mal,

If you are looking to buy an existing business already registered with CQC then you can look at previous inspection reports on the CQC website.

If you put the name of the business into the search engine you will be able to read all previous inspection reports for that service. You certainly do not need to provide a bond to CQC.

CQC’s website has extensive information about registering a new service although sometimes it is difficult to navigate around their website. Your best starting place is here

The registration form can be found here

Registering a care service is not a fast process. You need to have everything in place before submitting your application so make sure you follow their guidance to make sure there are no delays.

If you are starting a new business you will need to have policies, procedures and forms in place before you are registered so make sure that you check out the offer from QCS at

Best wishes.

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