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Hi Sheila, a 74 years old woman living in residential /supported care is being awakened at 6:00am as the manager thinks she needs to be, is this correct?

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott


Dear H,


Thank you for your question.


The ladies’ care plan should contain all the information needed about the ladies’ care.


It should detail what her wishes are for events such as what time she gets up in the morning.


It may be that there is a specific reason why she is woken in the morning at 6:00am or she may have requested it when she came into the facility.


If this is not the case and it is not a part of the care plan, then the wishes of the lady need to be taken into account.


Person Centred Care is intended to be just that, a care plan built around the wishes and needs of the individual.


Person Centred Care should support and focus care on the needs of individual.


You need to check the care plan first and if the time of waking is not mentioned then  you should talk to the manager about what time the lady herself wants to be woken.


No service user should ever be woken for the convenience of the facility or the staff but it is possible that this is the time that was agreed when she was admitted to the facility.


I hope this is helpful.




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