I recently has to start a new registration, will I receive a new expiry date to complete my qualification? | QCS

I was already registered and had a date when I had to have my qualification by. I recently changed into a care home so I had to start a new registration. Will I receive a new expiry date?

Senga Currie
Answered by Senga Currie

Hello Annie,

I can help with that, you should end your employment through your MySSSC account and you will be removed from the part of the Register you are currently on. This is because you cannot remain on a part of the Register which does not correspond to your current work role. You will still have six months from the date you started in your new position within which to be registered on the appropriate part of the Register for your new role, without your ability to work being affected. I hope that answers your question, Good Luck in your new role.

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