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Events in Paris are a hot topic at the moment. Today, we have had the daughter of one of our residents visiting their family member, sitting in our lounge and expressing very strong views about the events and the people involved. The lady’s views about people coming to live in the UK were also aired, as were her views on different religions. All of this was in earshot of other relatives, clients and staff members. I have a dilemma in that no-one should be allowed to express views publicly that will offend others, however, our client was in agreement with her daughter and this is the client’s home. Apart from asking that they discuss these matters privately, perhaps in a bedroom, do you have any words of advise on how to deal with this serious, and potentially upsetting issue.



Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

WebDear Lesley,

This is one of the most difficult questions that I have received.

You are correct that the care home is the resident’s home but it also the home of the other people who live there.

It is the impact on what is being said on the whole group that is the concern.

I believe that you should speak to the resident’s daughter explaining that her views as they were expressed could have frightened other residents and asking her to discuss such matters privately with her Mother.

If your concerns persist I think you might have to take some legal advice.

Best wishes.


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