What advice would you give when training staff in relation to Choking in the care setting? | QCS

Hello Sheila, my latest inspection report raises questions about the training of my staff in relation to Choking. Can you give me any advice please?

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott


Dear E,


Thank you for your question.


CQC has recently launched Learning from Safety Incidents.


and one of the areas they raised you will see relates to choking.


Issue 6: Caring for people at risk of choking


I have done some research as to how you can raise your staff’s awareness around this very important area.


The St John’s Ambulance website has an excellent training video about dealing with choking and the briefing papers on the NHS website will also be helpful.


I think  all providers should keep up to date with the CQC Learning from Safety Incidents briefing papers. You can best do this by subscribing to the CQC monthly newsletter.


All good wishes.




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