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What are the waste management procedures?

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Dear Anna,

Your question covers many areas and the best advice I can give you is to look at the Health and Safety Executive Guidance for Care Homes. You do not say what particular waste you are referring to.

Chapter 8 of the guidance for care homes is about Hazardous substances, infections and diseases and you can find the guidance at:


If you are referring to the collection of clinical waste locally then you will have to arrange for that yourself either through your local Council (but many do not provide this service anymore) or you can find a private company who as well as collecting the waste will supply you with a special bin and bags.

As I do not know what kind of waste you are referring to you may want to send me more information so that I can be more specific.

I do just want to reiterate though that all care providers should have a copy of the Health and Safety Executive’s publication Health and Safety in Care Homes, it is such an excellent point of reference for all areas that they cover.

Best wishes.


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