What financial support is available for equipment and any necessary adaptations that need to be made to a person's home when they have had a stroke? | QCS

Hi Sheila, my wife will be discharged from hospital shortly, we need financial support to get her battery operated wheelchair and to update our ground floor toilet. She is recovering from stroke which has left her with severe right sided weakness. She had the stroke in 2012 but was very ill in January 2019 had to be admitted to hospital due to bleed in her brain which further restricted movement. She is presently in hospital for rehabilitation. Is there anywhere we can get grants or support for this?

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott


Dear J,


Thank you for your question.


If your wife needs a battery operated wheelchair then I would expect the NHS to supply it for her before she is discharged from hospital.


With regard to the adaption of a downstairs toilet you should contact your local Council’s Social Care Department for help and advice.


To be honest though I would have thought that you would be best to discuss these matters with the rehabilitation unit where your wife is at the moment who should be able to advise you who to speak to.


With best wishes.



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