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Hello Senga, I have worked in care at home and only I have recently started working in a care home. I understand that the services are inspected differently and I would like to understand the inspection process? I am embarrassed to ask anyone at work, can you explain?

Senga Currie
Answered by Senga Currie


Hello Seonaid,


Good for you preparing for the next inspection. Please don’t be embarrassed to seek guidance from your colleagues, however I would expect this to be covered during your induction period.


The framework for care homes changed from using the Quality Themes and Statements to using 5 Key Questions and Quality Indicators.  I have written a blog on ‘The Quality Framework’, there is a useful diagram clearly outlining the 6 Key Questions and corresponding Quality Indicators.


The 6th key question is not currently being reviewed. I suspect this will be introduced when the framework for all services is developed.


Important to note that Indicators 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 5.1 will always be reviewed. As with the previous inspection framework, the number of indicators reviewed will depend on knowledge and intelligence held by the Care Inspectorate.


I hope this helps Seonaid and good luck with your first experience of inspection within the care home setting.


Regards Senga


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