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After the webinar we did in March I answered several questions on the PIR and since then we have received further information from CQC which I set out below.

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott


From April 2018 providers will start receiving email requests to complete their Provider Information Return (PIR) using the new online system, which is currently being tested by over 300 volunteers.


What you need to know:


  • The new PIR benefits from more flexibility, easier navigation and the ability to print out.
  • While we transition between the two systems the time to complete the PIR will remain at four weeks, and we will continue to use the current PIR.
  • We will continue to make improvements to the new system based on your feedback.
  • The two systems will differ slightly, as we cannot make the same improvements to the current system that we are making to the new one. Every effort is being taken to reduce the burden to providers completing a PIR within the current system.
  • You will need to validate your account when you register for the new system, so please ensure the email address we have on our system for your service is correct. You can update your email address if it is not.
  • Providers will have the option to use a single account across their organisation to view and update information for all locations. The same login details must be used to do this.


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