What support is available when a hospital patient who has broken her hip is not able to return to her own home immediately because of mobility issues? | QCS

Hi Sheila, I’d like to understand what help I can get for my eighty year old mum who has recently had a fall, broken her hip and is in hospital. She already has mobility problems and will be unable to walk up two flights of stairs to her flat.
I would like to find out what support she may be entitled to whether that is care, housing etc

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott


Dear K,


Thank you for your question.


Your Mother will not be discharged from hospital without a care plan.


This means that someone should already be planning what will happen to your Mother when she is ready to be discharged.


You should ask the ward sister what arrangements are being made and ask to speak to the discharge coordinator for your Mother so that you can be involved in planning the future care of your Mother and where she should live as it sounds unlikely that she will be able to return to her flat at first.


Make sure that your Mother is involved as much as possible too.


With best wishes.




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