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Hi Sheila, why do CQC inform homes in advance that they are visiting?

Many do not want to be caught out so run around to get things in hand to cover things up from the truth then after the inspection everything goes back to how it was under staffing, poor care practices etc staff are too afraid to speak up incase they lose their job. CQC should do unannounced visits for a true picture shouldn’t they if they want to safeguard people?

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott


Hi Cath,


Thank you for your question and it’s a common misconception that Staff in homes have time to prepare for an announced inspection.


CQC have a legal right to enter the home at any time and the majority of their inspections are unannounced. In their guidance document they explain how they inspect and the types of inspections they carry out.


They also provide examples of the rare occasions they tell a service in advance they are going to inspect. I have added the link here so you can have a read in more detail.


One of the important aspects of CQCs work in relation to inspections is how they gather information about a home before they carry out an inspection. Feedback from staff, complaints , safeguarding . feedback from other professionals including social services all go into the mix to create a picture of how the service is operating and whether it is meeting the required standards.


I hope this explanation helps reassure you about the quality of CQC inspections and importantly the safety and wellbeing of people living in the homes.


Many thanks




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