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Hi Senga, I am unclear as to why I must submit an annual return

I find it time consuming and wonder why we are asked for this information. Do you know why?

Senga Currie
Answered by Senga Currie


Hi Becca,


The annual return is indeed time consuming as it asks for lots of information and this can take time to collate, however it is required by law under the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010, section 53(6), all providers registered with the Care Inspectorate must provide the annual return.


It can give an indication of the current requirements of the population, e.g. the age and number of people who may require physiotherapy services due to mobility problems. The information may also be shared with some other organisations such as Scottish Government and SSSC.


There is usually approximately a 6-week time frame to complete your annual return online, therefore you can plan some time to complete this and it doesn’t have to be completed all at once. Remember you can authorise more members of staff to help therefore you do not have to enter all the data.


I hope this helps you understand why collating the information is important


Kind Regards




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