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Hi Sheila, will I be notified in writing if I am on the barred list?

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If you are placed on the barred list for either adults or children you will be informed that that has happened.


There are two ways of being placed on the list:


1 . Some crimes, due to their serious nature, will mean that if an individual has been convicted of them, they will automatically be placed on the lists. These are known as automatic barring offences.


2. The other method is if the person has been referred to the list by an organisation because of their behaviour or something that has   happened. The person will not automatically be placed on the barred list. The organisation is required to submit information to substantiate the referral. Organisations who are responsible for the provision of what is termed as regulated activity with children or vulnerable adults have a legal duty to refer anyone engaging in conduct which is deemed to pose a risk to children or vulnerable adults.


The DBS will consider all referrals and make a decision as to whether to place an individual on one or both of the lists. There is more   guidance on the referral process, and how to make a referral available from the DBS. In some instances, they will be invited to make representations before being considered whether to be placed on the list.




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