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I am a qualified nurse with over ten years working experience in Ireland. I am not registered with NMC, can I become a Registered Manager in UK? What is the process of registration? – Babatunde

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Dear Babatunde,

Thank you for your question.

These are the points that CQC will look at if you apply for registration as a Registered Manager:

  • CQC will look at your registration in Ireland to make sure that you are on their register.
  • They will look at your experience of working with the client group that you are applying for and they will need to be confident you have the necessary experience.
  • They will expect you to undertake further Leadership and Management training.
  • They will expect you to have the appropriate knowledge and experience to be able to comply with CQC regulations.

You can find the CQC Registration process at

Best wishes.


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