Badges | QCS


Displaying the QCS badge on your website provides an easy way to show that you are serious about compliance and delivering high quality services.


Displaying your badge is easy

1. Simply choose your service type below

2. Choose which badge you want

3. Copy the relevant code and have your webmaster or web developer put the code on your website

What is the QCS badge?

A QCS badge is a Trustmark which enables you to easily display your commitment to quality and compliance. You simply place the badge on your website where it provides visual evidence of your use of QCS to manage quality & compliance. Increasingly, QCS is becoming synonymous with social care providers, GP’s and dentists taking a serious attitude to meeting compliance obligations.

The benefits of wearing the QCS badge

The benefits of wearing the badge on your website include:

Shows your organisation is using a proven system to manage compliance

Stakeholder assurance

  • Your Service Users
    • Safe in the knowledge that the care provided respects their wishes as enshrined in the compliance framework
  • The relatives of your Service Users
    • Peace of mind that the care of their relatives is governed by a system designed to enable high standards of care
  • Your Staff
    • Know that a system is in place to support them in providing high quality care, right down to the very last detail
    • Know that HR processes are fair and even-handed
    • Know the system supports on-going training processes, CPD and career development