Lilly Carlisle

Lilly Carlisle L&M Healthcare's Hulton House

At only 17, Lilly is one of our youngest carers. She has shown extraordinary dedication to her job and the residents she cares for.

One of the relatives said of her' Lilly has shown extraordinary dedication to her job and even gone beyond our expectations. Lilly tends to ring my Grandma so she can see my Grandad over the phone as she cannot visit anymore. My Grandma rang me one day to say how upset she was that she did not get a call that day. However around 10 pm that night Lilly called my grandma when she got home to say how sorry she was she did not ring and that in fact my grandad is ok and is safe and well. Lilly stated that she was working on another ward that day however she did go onto Lytham to attempt to get my Grandad to call my Grandma on three different occasions throughout her busy shift however he was asleep on all occasions and did not want to wake him up as he had been awake all night the night before.

This dedication to trying to communicate with my Grandma and also ringing her when she got home after a long shift really warmed my heart and I am so grateful for it. I believe Lilly deserves this award and from the bottom of all our hearts we are so grateful for such loving and caring staff who go the extra mile.'

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