Lyn Kurkus

Lyn Kurkus The Old Rectory

Lyn has shown her dedication as a carer endless times, however during the floods this year we were hit the hardest in Tenbury Wells, underwater, Lyn is a night staff worker, she still tried to get in, actually, the fire service brought her in on a boat, she could of easily rang in to say she couldn't get in but she didn't, she was scared but still did it. Now, during this coronavirus, her husband has to isolate due to health reasons, Lyn is terrified of taking corona back to her husband. So much so that when she goes home she strips off in her garage, she washes herself down before entering her home. All that worry about her husband and she still comes to work, not only that but to safeguard our residents as much as possible, she is doing extra hours to cover a furlough staff member to save having agency workers in that may carry or have COVID.

Lyn truly is a rock, she is a true carer and I don't know what we would have done without her in these challenging times.

Nominated by:

Nicola Howells
The Old Rectory

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