Mandy Asher | QCS

Mandy Asher

Mandy is a Field Co Ordinator and as such is responsible for managing a team of support workers, the reablement service was asked to support Lincolnshire hospitals to discharge clients quickly and especially the clients that where COVID positive. As a line manager Mandy leads her team by example, she made sure she supported her staff by keeping them supplied with PPE travelling to drop it off to them, she rang them each time there was a client discharged with a positive result to make sure they had all they needed and managed their anxiety’s around the call.

She has adapted her approach using zoom to keep in touch with all of her team and has helped others that are having to shield by checking on them and supporting them. She continues to work tirelessly to support anyone who needs her help.

Nominated by:
Maxine Candler
Libertas Reablement Serivices