Wendy Lautman | QCS

Wendy Lautman

Wendy supports and end of life service user in the community and has been supporting since 2014.  Things have changed dramatically since inception and Wendy has continually evolved and embraced the changes.  In and amongst all that has gone before, she has faced the challenge brought about by Covid-19 admirably.  She has remained in support without question, has adapted to the restrictions placed upon all and has ensured that the support for her service user has remained stable, calm and effective.  In addition, Wendy has carried a number of additional shifts when fellow team members have been affected by the virus.  It is a testimony to Wendy that in the four years she has been with the company, she has only had one day of sick leave, which in itself is outstanding.  Wendy does not crave recognition, she just continues to maintain the same level of care and support that she has always delivered and provides her service user with person-centred, heartfelt care from the heart.

Nominated by:
Phill Lautman
Care2Care (Yorkshire) Limited