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Oral Nutritional Supplements for Dementia – Are They Helpful?

November 20, 2017
  In mixed patient groups oral nutritional supplements (ONS), sometimes referred to as sip feeds, have been shown to be effective in improving weight status. But do we know whether…
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Is There a Connection Between Our Mood and the Foods We Eat?

November 10, 2017
Nutrition scientists are often asked about the relationship between food and mood and this is an interesting question. There are some associations between nutrients and elements of function in our…
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Nutrition – Seeing Eye to Eye on Supplements

October 27, 2017
  Loss of vision is one of the largest health concerns of ageing. In a recent survey undertaken by researchers at John Hopkins University, respondents ranked losing vision as equal…
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The World Health Organisation on Nutrition to Prevent Decline

October 20, 2017
    The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) new Guidelines on Integrated Care for Older People recommend ways community-based services can help prevent slow or reverse declines in physical and mental capacities among…
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Nutrition – The Famous Five

October 9, 2017
  Earlier in the year the British Dietetic Association and the charity Friends of the Elderly looked at highlighting the importance of good nutrition and hydration in older age, and…
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Nutrition – We Love Examples of Good Practice

October 9, 2017
  Put simply, good practice is a process that represents an effective way of achieving a specific objective. It is debateable whether there is a single ‘best’ approach – and,…
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Struggling to Maintain Individuality

September 18, 2017
As nutrition scientists we love research statistics that allow us to look at relationships between diet and health, and to ascertain whether these relationships may be clinically significant. But what…
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Curb Your Risk for Bowel Cancer

September 8, 2017
Although there are no guarantees with regards cancer prevention, it’s clear there are choices we can make to lower our risk. Colorectal (bowel) cancer is one of the most preventable…
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