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Learn how to save time and money with our cost savings calculator.

Dementia Care

English writer William Penn once said, ‘Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.’ This statement holds true in most (if not all) businesses, including the social care sector. The CQC continues to report that care providers often experience overwork, exhaustion and stress, which can lead to illness, injury, or leaving their job altogether. Without appropriate support, staff burnout can affect the quality of care delivered, resulting in errors with medication and inadequate care.

This can also have financial implications for business owners. Recruitment is tough, and staff turnover can be a significant drain on time and resources. This cycle of wasted time and money can negatively impact the quality of care provided. This blog is not about how QCS can entirely solve these possible time and money problems for your business. However, we can certainly help! We recently launched our 80 Days campaign, which highlights how our policies are automatically updated 24/7, saving 80 working days a year. This extra time can be invested in staff development, improving the quality of care, and much more.

Our Cost Savings Calculator is another tool that can help your business. By providing a few details about your service, you can instantly see how much time and money you could save by using our digital QCS Audit Centre.

The QCS system and App have freed up our staff’s time to focus on their clients and deliver excellent levels of care
Kieron Brennan, All About Home Care

QCS is the leading digital provider of compliance management, policies, and procedures that are always up to date. We have helped over 5,000 social care organisations to deliver and evidence the highest quality care.

We would love to help you and your business manage your time so you can spend more of it with your service users, so speak to us today.


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Time is what we want most…

February 16, 2024
Learn how to save time and money with our cost savings calculator.
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