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Latest updates on Coronavirus. As the situation is quickly evolving, it is important to be provided with up-to-date information. We’ll be updating and adding to our information. So keep checking back.

01st April 2021

Changes to PPE Practices Action Card (Last update: 01.04.21)

The UKHCA have announced that the government’s PPE guidance is due to change shortly. We have prepared an action card for you below, outline concisely the key updates and steps you need to take:

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Alternatively, you can see the update here: 

The UKHCA have announced that the government’s PPE guidance is due to change shortly with the following key updates planned:

  • Sessional use of facemasks no longer recommended – face masks must be disposed of after each visit and a new one used before entering another person’s home
  • Eye protection – must be used if the person has respiratory symptoms compatible with COVID-19 infection, or they have tested positive for COVID-19

In anticipation of the upcoming changes to the government’s PPE guidance for coronavirus it is important to act now.

What action do you need to take?

  • Plan how you will communicate any changes in the PPE guidance to staff. Will this be through an internal communication or memo, newsletter, team meeting etc.?
  • Calculate the quantities of facemasks and visors that you will require to meet these changes
  • Review your current PPE stock levels
  • Where possible, order increased stock levels this week or as soon as possible in anticipation of the change
  • Speak to the PPE portal about increasing your current band where this is possible
  • Ensure you order every 7 days from the PPE portal to keep supply levels high
  • Review and update your own PPE supplier list in event of an emergency

For more information continue to keep up to date with any changes by visiting the government’s dedicated homecare webpages.

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