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04th November 2020

Cyber Crime in Health Care – Free Cyber Security Awareness Factsheet

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The National Cyber Security Centre published the Fourth Annual Review that reveals organisation defended the UK from 723 cyber incidents in the last year.

In a year heavily influenced by the pandemic, the review highlights the NCSC’s support for the healthcare sector, such as scanning more than 1 million NHS IP addresses for vulnerabilities leading to the detection of 51,000 indicators of compromise, and working with international allies to raise awareness of the threat of vaccine research targeting.

With cyber criminals looking to exploit public fear over the pandemic with coronavirus-related online scams, the NCSC and the City of London Police also launched the Suspicious Email Reporting Service, which received 2.3 million reports from the public in its first four months – resulting in thousands of malicious websites being taken down.

We cannot rely purely on the NCSC in combating cyber incidents, raising cyber awareness of your staff and equipping them with cyber security knowledge is crucial for protecting your organisations against illegal activities. Our team of experts have responded to these alarming statistics by creating a series of factsheets on how to protect yourself and your colleagues against the increasing cyber crime.  

These factsheets with cover:
  • How to create a strong password
  • Cyber security for your smartphones and tablets
  • Cyber security advice when using video conferencing
  • How to browse the web safely and avoid email scams

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