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05th June 2020

Free Risk Assessment on Dental Practices Re-Opening

Download our Free Risk Assessment on Dental Practices Re-Opening here:

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It was announced on 29th May that Dentists are now allowed to re-open from 8th June.

With just 10 days to prepare, there is concern regarding the vast amount of preparation required to operate safely. The shortage of PPE and ‘cross-border dental tourism’ are some of the examples that Dentists have to pay attention to and resolve.  

Therefore, QCS have created an easy to use risk assessment and checklist to help you prepare your practice for re-opening.  

The risk assessment includes: 

  • Risk Assessment example  
  • Checklist to evaluate:  
  1. Condition of your building 
  2. Supply of materials and equipment 
  3. Communication with patients  
  4. Ways to protect your staff  

Download the free assessment now! 

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