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15th April 2021

Free webinar on ‘No Jab, No Job?’ with Q&A document

You can now catch up on our latest webinar with Napthens on 'No Jab, No Job?'

One of the UK's largest care home operators has instituted a no jab, no job policy back in February for new staff amid ongoing concern about vaccine take-up among care workers. There is still a lot of uncertainty around compulsory vaccination. With it being a debatable topic, we partnered up with Napthens H&S to bring you a free webinar on 'No Jab, No Job?' with Chris King.

If you missed out, don’t worry! You can now catch up on the full webinar recording here.  You can also access the presentation slides & Q&A document below:

Download the presentation slides here 

Download the Q&A document here 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Chris from Napthens or simply submit your questions in our Ask the Care Specialists column!

QCS has partnered up with Napthens to bring you a free webinar on a hot topic every quarter. Keep an eye out for the next webinar by following us on Facebook & LinkedIn, @QualityComplianceSystems.

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