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Is it against the law to send carers who haven’t shadowed to provide care?

Is it against the law to send carers who haven’t shadowed to provide care?


Hi, B this is an important question. CQC can take regulatory action. You can read more about the CQC  enforcement policy here. As a provider, a Registered Manager must comply...

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Do I need to complete one Data Security and Protection Toolkit for each service in my organisation?

We have a number of care homes and supported living services, do I need to complete a Data Security and Protection Toolkit submission for each service or can I do one for the business?

Dear M, thank you for your question. It is great that you are thinking about this now. The new social care DSPT has been updated and you will need to...

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Should I get paid for time off sick whilst waiting for a COVID-19 test result?

If I was sent home from work because I had a high temperature and told to get a covid test, and was told I needed to stay at home until I had a negative result, which I did, should I still get paid? The result came at 14.40pm the next day and my finish time is 4PM, so one and a half day’s pay.

Thank you for your question. The government guidance is clear on the need to self-isolate if you have symptoms of COVID. The guidance also says you could be eligible for statutory Sick...

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What insurance do I need to be a private carer?

What insurance do I need to be a private carer?

Many thanks for your question. As a self-employed carer or personal assistant, you will need to have Public Liability Insurance. This is because there are some risks involved in the...

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Does a device which can receive a video call and which is placed in a resident’s room contravene GDPR rules?  

I would like to place a device in my mother’s room in a private care home. The device is a photo frame which can display pictures sent to it which is fine. It is also capable of receiving a video call and therefore has a camera for this purpose. The home are suggesting that this would contravene GDPR rules, is this correct. The device can be set to answer the call without any intervention by the resident.

It’s an interesting question… My immediate reaction would be to review some of the guidance on CCTV in relation to GDPR, which also led me to review some of the guidance...

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Are introductory care agencies who are not CQC registered still required to carry out DBS checks?

Are introductory care agencies who are not CQC registered (because introductory means they don’t have to register) still supposed to carry out a DBS as they introduce you to vulnerable clients in the community to live in with them? Who do you complain to if these checks are not carried out?

The law doesn’t say when a Standard or Enhanced DBS check ‘must’ be carried out, but it does specify when a DBS check ‘can’ be applied for. Organisations may produce...

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Can I work in a care home if I am 16 years old?

I am turning 16 on the 2nd of March and am currently a year 11 pupil. I will be attending college full time from September but was wondering if I rang care homes up in my local area would they hire me and take me on? I’m just looking for a little part- time job. I understand the circumstances at the moment but in the summer I would be able to do more days and hours if needed.



 Thank you for your question. It's great that you are thinking of working in social care. I started with a Saturday job in a Nursing home a very long time...

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If you are both the Registered Manager and the Nominated Individual, who supervises you?

If I am setting up as a new adult care service provider and will be both the Registered Manager and Nominated Individual, who will supervise/monitor me?

I have actually been in this position. But I hear more recently it’s becoming a questionable issue for inspectors. During a new service registration where I was taking the nominated individual...

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Is it legal to wake a resident up to give them medication?

I am a care worker working nights and my manager says its ok to wake people at 5am to give them their medication, is this legal?

Thank you for your question J, sadly this is a question that we get asked all too frequently. In fact Sheila Scott who has now retired from QCS answered this...

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Does a day centre for adults with disabilities need to be registered for personal care provision?

We have a day centre for adults with disabilities aged 18+ and within the day centre we also have a respite provision where clients can sleep overnight for a day or 2. Do we need to register for personal care since they are people with a disability? We are not supported living and we are not domiciliary; under which heading do we register the personal care.

In a nutshell Day Centres are not subject to Registration or Inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) but that said there is still much confusion around about scope of...

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