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08th September 2020

GP Patient MythBusters (Last update: 04.09.20)

A poster that includes all the information below is available for free so you can share it around your practice, social media and website.


We appreciate at the moment it can be hard to know what to do if you are unwell.

It is still important to get medical help if you need it and there are ways to get help and prescriptions online or over the phone, so here are some myths that just aren’t true:



MYTH #1: GP Practices are not open

The Practice has remained open throughout the pandemic, serving our Patients, offering emergency appointments and routine appointments with doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants and other members of the Practice Team.

We are also assisting with the assessment, treatment, and follow up of Patients with COVID-19.




MYTH #2: There are no face-to-face appointments

Where you would benefit from a face-to-face appointment; for example, if you need a physical examination, the doctor or nurse will arrange this for you.

We have followed national guidelines to ensure Patient safety by introducing an online appointment system. We have received excellent feedback from Patients, especially from those using new technology for the first time.

Some of our NHS colleagues at local hospitals and clinics are carrying out mostly video and/or telephone consultations too.



MYTH #3: I cannot get an appointment

Routine appointments are available every day. We have suspended our previous way of booking, so please request an appointment using the online service where possible.

The link is available on our Practice website or phone us if you do not have access to our website.





MYTH #4: I am not allowed to go to A&E

Yes, you can.

If you have a life-threatening emergency such as chest pain, a fracture, difficulty breathing, collapse, please ring 999 or go directly to A&E.

A&E is open and ready to see Patients.




MYTH #5: Why can’t I walk into the Practice anymore, like I can in a supermarket?

We see people every day who are unwell, as well as those who are vulnerable. So, unlike local high street shops and supermarkets we must be extra careful to ensure your safety, your family, your friends and neighbours, and our team’s safety too.



Please share this information with anyone you think may need to know.


Download the free poster here to share it around your practice, social media and website.



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