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02nd April 2020

Infection Control podcast, joined by our Head Of Care Quality

Our Head of Care Quality joined the latest podcast by Care Home Management with a group of experts.

In the podcast, they discussed:

· What is good practice when it comes to infection control?
· How to obtain and use PPE effectively
· Top tips for robust infection control now and in the future
· Why infection control must be higher up care homes’ agenda
· How to deal with clinical waste
· Cleaning techniques &the benefit of contingency prepping for a potential COVID-19 outbreak
· How to communicate good practice plus infection control guidance to carers and other staff using digital technology

You can listen to the podcast here -

The expert panel includes Philippa Shirtcliffe, Head Of Care Quality at Quality Compliance Systems, Jamie Woodhall, Technical and Innovations Manager at Rentokil Specialist Hygiene, Neha Mehta, Head Of Customer success at Sekoia and Lisa Bainbridge, Marketing Manager at Beaucare Medical. The original podcast can be found at

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