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Supporting person-centred care during COVID-19 in Scotland

Dementia Care
November 20, 2020

The media have highlighted some of the novel and selfless ways in which care staff have been supporting service users during lockdown, and the various tiered and phased systems put in place during this pandemic. The aim has been to mitigate isolation, promote activities and continue to provide person centred care.

Part of the methodology of improvement is to use the PDSA Model (Plan, Do, Study, Act) and use (small) tests of change. This approach has been used by the Scottish Government to provide a road map. These approaches take time to implement and refine; we need to ask three questions:

  • What worked in given situations?
  • How can these be replicated across services/areas?
  • How can good practice be sustained?

The Care Inspectorate and Health Improvement Scotland have published a report “Supporting person-centred care in COVID-19 situations”.

The report highlights three emerging themes: creating an enabling culture, supporting staff well-being, and embracing technology.

Each theme is covered in detail, and there are several examples of innovative practice available from the Health Improvement Scotland website

The flash reports from Webinars, list the following innovations:

  • Virtual visiting
  • Family liaison teams
  • Dedicated spaces for staff well-being
  • Online chaplaincy services
  • Tools to support bedside conversations
  • Dedicated inboxes for loved ones
  • Scottish Care surgeries

The report is supported by articles from published literature too and provides a road map for all services to guide and support them through the coming months.