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CQC Consultation: Ratings and minor amendments

February 4, 2015

communication Speech BubbleFrom 1st April, 2015 if you’ve been awarded a rating by the CQC under their new inspection regime, you will be required to publically display it. The information you display and how you display it will vary depending on your service type.

The ratings are as follows:

  • Outstanding
  • Good
  • Requires Improvement
  • Inadequate

All services with one of these ratings will be required to display the overall rating for each of the five key questions. Most of you know what these are by now, but just in case you can find them again below.

Is the service:

  • Safe?
  • Effective?
  • Caring?
  • Responsive?
  • Well-led?

The CQC released a consultation document in January. The consultation runs from 28/01/2015 to 25/02/2015. The consultation gives the current guidance on displaying ratings as well as suggested templates to use.

Also in this consultation are some minor amendments to other provider guidance.

You can find the consultation and templates here: CQC – Display of ratings and minor amendments to guidance for providers

Often it can feel like the CQC is something that is happening to you, rather than with you. These consultations are your opportunity to be involved, don’t pass it up. Consultation closes on 25/02/2015. You can complete the consultation form HERE.


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