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18th November 2020

Dental Accessibility Audit

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This is a CQC essential audit and must be completed every 12 months, or more regularly if needed.

The aim is to have ‘yes’ answers to all questions. Any ‘no’ answers must be carefully looked at and an action plan formed to improve the situation. If it is not possible to rectify the situation, a clear explanation must be given and justified (for example, it is impossible to provide a disabled parking space without a car park, but there is a drop off point at the front entrance to still provide easy access).

Audit Date:


Name of the person completing the audit:
Re-audit Date:


Signature when complete:
QuestionYes/NoAction planPerson responsibleDate to be completed bySign when complete
Do team members have training on disability equality as part of the induction process?
Is assistance available for Patients that require it?
Are disabled parking spaces available outside the Practice?
Is the name of the Practice clearly visible outside the building?
Does the colour of the entrance stand out?
Are there accessible parking spaces available outside the Practice?
Is there a drop off point available right outside the Practice?
Is the outside of the building well lit?
Is the entrance to the building easily accessible and free from obstructions, such as uneven pavements, etc?
Is an alternative entrance available?
Are the main entrance points clearly signed?
Is the entrance door powered with an easy to reach button for wheelchair users?
Are all signs easy to read (in large print)?
Is the front entrance space suitably wide enough for wheelchair users?
Is the front entrance flat or is there a ramp at the front of the building for wheelchair users?
If a ramp is not present, is a portable one available?
Do you have an intercom at wheelchair height for Patients to access?
Are handrails present next to staircases?
Are all doors easily identifiable and easy to open?
Do all doors meet the recommended specifications for width?
Can a wheelchair user enter the building unaided?
Is there a clear contrast between the colour of walls and doors within the Practice?
Is the reception desk low enough to enable a wheelchair user to easily access it?
If there is a lift in the Practice and is it clearly signed and suitable for a wheelchair user to use unaided?
Is the Practice easily accessible for Patients with mobility impairments? (crutches, walking sticks)
If the Practice has stairs, do you have an area where a Patient can rest?
Do you have an induction loop to help Patients that are hard of hearing?
Do you offer Practice literature in large print, braille, and audio tapes?
Do you have access to a signing interpreter if needed?
Are waiting room chairs high enough for easy sitting and rising?
Is there space available next to chairs in the waiting room for wheelchair users?
Are Patient toilets easily accessible for wheelchair users? Or is a separate disabled toilet available?
Can a wheelchair user enter the toilet, shut the door easily and reach all light fittings, sinks, flushes and hand dryers?
Can a wheelchair be reversed alongside the toilet and is there room for a wheelchair to turn around?
Is there an easy-to-grab handrail next to the toilet?
Is there an emergency assistance pull cord next to the toilet?
Are baby changing facilities at an easy-to-use height for wheelchair users?
Are plans in place to safely help wheelchair users exit the Practice in the event of a fire?

Is this in your fire risk assessment?

Is there an appointed person within the Practice responsible for making sure there is  disabled access to the building?
If you are unable to treat a Patient with a disability, is there a referral arrangement in place?

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