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Learning to use Trains Gives People More Opportunities

Dementia Care
January 31, 2018

This month, participants of our Travel Buddy project attended a 2-day workshop teaching them how to travel by train.

The training was delivered by Great Western Railways and Oxford City College. Perhaps there is a similar scheme in your area for the people you work with?

We were shown how to buy tickets, book assisted travel, and wait safely on the platform.

Then we went on a practice journey to Didcot and back.

As part of the workshop, we were asked to think of the journeys that we would want to do by train.

Here is some of what we said…

“Go to the seaside to see the sea.”

“To visit a friend of mine.”

“Go to Banbury to visit because I haven’t been to Banbury before.”

“A trip to Bournemouth with friends from My Life My Choice.”

We think this shows that being able to travel confidently by train can help to improve our quality of life. It opens up opportunities to visit places we haven’t been before, see our friends in other towns, and go on day trips with our friends.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you like to go?


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