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Men’s Health Week – Food Toolkit

June 19, 2020

Download our Food Toolkit for Men here. 

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‘Take Action on Covid-19’ is this year Men’s Health Week theme, runs from 15-21 June. 

With men being recorded as a high-risk group of catching Covid-19, regardless of their age or fitness level, people are paying more attention to the importance of men’s health.

To help, QCS will be sharing different tips to stay healthy especially for men during Men’s HealthWeek.

During lockdown when we cannot go to our favourite restaurants or enjoy outdoor activities, we tend to start baking at home or when are stress, we might snack more. However, being in lockdown should be the best time for you to build a healthy eating habit.

Start eating healthy today using our toolkit above. After you have done that, you can use our Men’s Health checklist to see what should you do next in order to create a healthy lifestyle!



June 19, 2020
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