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Men’s Health Week – Men’s Health checklist

Dementia Care
June 16, 2020

Download our Men’s Health Checklist here.

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‘Take Action on Covid-19’ is this year Men’s Health Week theme, runs from 15-21 June. 

With men being recorded as a high-risk group of catching Covid-19, regardless of their age or fitness level, people are paying more attention to the importance of men’s health.

To help, QCS will be sharing different tips to stay healthy especially for men during Men’s HealthWeek.

We all know that cars need regular MOT and checking to make sure it can be running at its best.  Just imagine your body is a car, do you want your car to be running smoothly for years? Perhaps it is time for an ”MOT” for your body?

Download the checklist above for free and run through the 10 points to assess how healthy you are.

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