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Now is the Time for Training

Dementia Care
February 17, 2021

With all the knowledge and skills you have developed during the pandemic, have you considered it is time to acknowledge your experience? Do you want to continue to advance the skillset with some proper training?

Our factsheet here emphasises the importance of training and how you can further develop your skills.

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The care sector continues to face enormous pressures during the pandemic.

It probably seems like the worst time to be thinking about training and continuous development.

However, the knowledge, skills, behaviours, and experience that you have all gained should be celebrated and recognised.

An example of this would be infection control and prevention. Where you are now compared to where you were a year ago is nothing short of outstanding.

The lessons learned in all areas makes for good evidence-based improvements and practice. Why not share this knowledge and develop others for the future?

Now is the best time to train and develop. To get recognised and rewarded for all the hard work and innovation.

One of the most notable changes has been the use of digital technology. We have all been delivering online meetings and get togethers for families via social media platforms and conferencing.

A skill that can now be used to train and develop your teams.

Many courses such as induction, the Care Certificate, mandatory updates, levels 2, 3, 4, and 5, plus the management CPD from Skills for Care are available using digital platforms, including Webinars and online group meetings. The observed element in most cases can also be delivered virtually, if planned correctly and supported by Witness Statements and discussion.

This is particularly easy with the level 5 in leadership, as it is largely based around operational management, policy, procedure, legislation and regulations; without need to involve service users directly. The level 5 can be provided via an Apprenticeship or Diploma only.

Training offers recognition for what has already been learned as well as developing new skills. It also offers a sense of value and self-esteem.

It is widely considered that training and development makes teams members feel valued, noticed, and well-equipped to complete their role to a good standard, enabling them to take pride in what they do. This should have the added advantage of ensuring retention of staff, who feel well-trained and supported.

The digital platforms give options to team members who might struggle to attend in house training, due to children, isolating and various other issues being faced.

One of the elements of the CQC 2021 strategy is an improvement of understanding related to equality and diversity. Why not start this with the training methods provided to team members to meet their diverse needs?

Remember training does not have to be a chore. Often those sessions that have an open and party-like atmosphere are most effective.

This can be readily achieved in an online meeting, where everyone can see each other, get involved and even have snacks in the comfort of their own homes.



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