Part 3 – Pathway to CQC Registration – Your CQC application has travelled a long way, are you ready for your Registered Manager Fit Person Interview?

April 12, 2018

It’s not me!!!

My mum passed me a photo. It was orangey and brown in overall effect…a small child laughed from a high chair with a giveaway seventies bunny on the bib. ‘Found this love and thought you should have it’.  I am touched by this, but there is something amiss.

“Why would I want a picture of Jo (my sister) mum?” “It’s not even me mum, it’s Jo!”

“It is you…” she says.

“I’m pretty sure I have never had curly hair and brown eyes mum!” I say, “Take a closer look.”

Next Stop: Date for Registered Manager Fit Person Interview

It’s your turn for interview…the inspector will not be vague in establishing who you are!

6 or 7 weeks may have passed since you submitted your application form and the inspector will have compiled some tailored questions along with a more generic set.

How do they decide what tailored questions to ask?

It’s all based on the Health and Social Care Act requirements for a Registered Manager.

The application and system are geared to this so checks and information is gathered including;

  • Information, inconsistencies and gaps in your application
  • Information on CQC registered services you have managed as well as the one you are applying to manage
  • CQC Countersigned DBS ‘shows’
  • Information on any professional registers relevant
  • Relevant information in the public domain
Let’s be clear

This is what the CQC say about fit person interviews “This is to assess the applicant’s fitness to be registered – not their suitability for the particular job. These are not job interviews – we use them to assess fitness against the criteria in the regulations. We use this interview to verify the information we have and to gather new information to help us make a judgement about the fitness of the applicant…”

Get yourself prepped

Your knowledge, skills, experience and competence to carry out the registered role is what makes your interview, but you can also use your application to support your pre-interview prep.

Your application gives you the prompts importantly on what regulated activity you are applying to manage, your skills, knowledge and qualifications for the role, and your employment history.

Checklist for the interview

On the application, there is a checklist. Readily available for your interview you should have;

  • Proof of identity including a recent photo
  • An enhanced DBS countersigned by CQC
  • Documentary evidence of qualifications and registrations to professional bodies which are relevant. There is further information to help you with fit person interviews for Registered Managers in my previous blog here.
  1. Top tip: Have a folder with all your relevant documentation in, including your countersigned DBS and photo ID.
  2. Top tip: Ensure only relevant certification is present – Nothing worse than flicking through out of date and irrelevant training.
  3. Top tip: Be mindful that you should have the certification which backs up your qualifications, skills and experience wherever necessary from your application answers.
  4. Top tip: Have a look at the provider application with their permission (if there is a provider application). You are working as a team and it may help to crystallise some of your answers.
  5. Top tip: Make sure your photo ID is in date!
  6. Top tip: Look at the Registration and Regulated Activities Regulations – what are your responsibilities under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and how do you meet them day to day? It is helpful to think of examples that show how you have.

Remember – although it has been hard work, your application form is not just for CQC, it can aid and support you to be ready for your interview.

Mum is in the photo box again… “Abi is this one you……??”

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Abi Spence

Registration and Inspection Specialist


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