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QCS creates state-of-the-art dementia centre

Dementia Care
September 15, 2021

Quality Compliance Systems (QCS), a leading provider of content, guidance and standards for the social care sector, has launched the Dementia Centre.

The Dementia Centre, is the realisation of a strategy which looks to add comprehensive ‘condition’ specific support to its already industry-leading best practice and compliance systems.

It is led by Jackie Pool, creator of the QCS PAL Instrument, a real-world tool that guides care professionals to deliver support at the level of dementia that a person is living with. By using the QCS PAL Instrument as a scaffold, the Dementia Centre will help transform the way that care professionals support the cognitive needs and abilities of each individual.

Jackie, who is QCS’s Dementia Care Champion, says, “What separates the Dementia Centre from other resources is that it fuses generic guidance, regulatory compliance requirements and the work of world-renowned experts into one single resource. This enables care professionals to move from a purely paper-based environment to a real-world one, which combines the latest compliance with QCS PAL-centric dementia best practice. The result is ‘purposeful practice’ which has been designed specifically to help those who support people with dementia to deliberately focus on aspects of their care and support in order to become more competent and effective. The resource is ground-breaking in that it also provides measures that service providers can use to benchmark and develop team member’s care practices.”

The Dementia Centre contains a raft of highly relevant resources, including up-to-date policies and procedures, assessment and outcome measures, case studies, the work of inspirational authors, which together ensure that the Dementia Centre delivers hands-on guidance to providers.

Nikki Walker, QCS’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “We’re delighted to announce the opening of the QCS Dementia Centre. From a strategic perspective, this announcement is highly symbolic. While providing the latest compliance to our customers will remain a central focus, care providers have been telling us for some time that they also want cutting-edge practical content that they can seamlessly apply to real-world situations. The QCS Dementia Centre delivers this while at the same time supporting our goal of delivering transformative solutions for all those dedicated to providing great care.”

Mat Whittingham, QCS’s Executive Chairman, added, “We’re very proud to launch the Dementia Centre. With more than one million people expected to be living with the condition in the UK by 2025, it has always been a key strategic aim to make this pioneering hub available to the 130,000-plus care professionals who have chosen to use the QCS platform.”

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