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Safeguarding Reports: The Bigger Picture

January 10, 2014

Safeguarding reports the biiger picturePutting together a report in response to a safeguarding allegation can be a difficult and daunting task.

Where do you start?

I always start my reports by giving some context to the Service User and the service provided, outlining the history of the service provision, as I believe this is very important when providing context to whatever has occurred or has alleged to have occurred. What I try to bear in mind is that the person reading the report may only be aware of the allegation or concern, and not the circumstances or history of the service provision. It is important that a full and true picture is given in your response in order that the reader may draw their own conclusions.

So what to include?

I would suggest the following in relation to the Service User themselves –

  • exact provision and the time allowance- ie/ 45 minute am call, and 30 minute bed call x 7 days x 1 carer
  • detail the tasks that are provided by the homecare workers at each call
  • state if any other services are involved as far as you are aware.
  • note the start date and include exactly how many visits your agency has provided since the start of service
  • confirm when the last service review was held and what the was the service rated as – ie/ Excellent/ good/poor
  • if any other safeguarding alerts have been raised in respect of the individual

It is also important to give some background detail of the alleged perpetrator and their working history. I would suggest the following information in relation to your member of staff –

  • The date they started work
  • Brief history if they have previous experience in care
  • Confirm that you have a robust recruitment procedure (as set out in the Quality Compliance System) and that you followed this with the individual concerned. For example, references were received and advise if they were good/excellent
  • How many visits the person has completed for your organisation since starting work
  • If the person has a clean employment record with you
  • The date the individual last attended a Safeguarding Adults training session
  • The date the individual was last supervised or spot checked
  • Any particular feedback gained from Service Users regarding the individual themselves.

My experience tells me that in some instances, safeguarding allegations do not have any bearing and it is a sad fact but Homecare workers are at a higher risk of safeguarding allegations against them than probably residential care workers as they are a dispersed workforce. I do believe that using this type of information and intelligence helps the reader understand the bigger picture, which is absolutely vital.
I would finish my report by confirming the nature of the allegation and your investigation process along with a conclusion and any actions/recommendations required.

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Rosie Robinson

Domiciliary Care Specialist


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