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Organisation of your Dental Policies and Procedures

October 3, 2015
Your practice polices are working documents and should be organised so that they can influence the running of the practice. I am frequently asked, “What’s the best way to organise…
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Five good reasons to run a Quality Circle Programme in your practice

September 11, 2015
It is increasingly clear that quality management is at its best when the whole team is engaged and understands how their individual role contributes to the overall quality of patient…
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Friends and Family Test (FFT) for your dental team

September 3, 2015
If following the introduction of the Friends and Family Test in April 2015, your practice is one of the many who have been delighted to find how highly their patients…
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Could your practice improve its staff support measures?

August 21, 2015
Since the first reports from CQC inspectors presented an overview of the dental profession compliance, themed areas of good practice have been recognised as being in need of improvement. One…
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When leadership is weak and management is strong

August 18, 2015
Dentists buying a new practice are full of ideas and are excited by the prospect of making their new acquisition an example of dental excellence. In most cases the production…
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Could you be overlooking an important resource?

August 12, 2015
The extended range of permitted duties for dental nurses provides exciting opportunities as well as challenges for practices and individuals.  Some well lead practices have embraced these opportunities and have…
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DDRB: Day of Rest?

July 29, 2015
It’s now official, healthcare services are consumer-led in terms of demand for the ‘service’ element.  I’m a stakeholder in the provision of dental services on several angles: I’m a practitioner,…
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Are we ‘Unfit for Purpose’?

January 10, 2014
For anyone unaware, more than 100 family dentists have signed a letter to the Telegraph which accuses Ministers of hiding the “rotten truth” about the “compromised and mismanaged” system of…
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